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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  November 16, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the neighborhood, stand outside the house and wait for them to come home, use a gun, enter the home and hold them up and rob them. reporter: people who live in this oakland neighborhood known as the diamond district say they are being terrorized by gun-wielding thugs who threaten and rob them and invade their homes. >> the robberies are getting more aggressive. they are kicking down doors. >> reporter: this man told us he was just standing by his garage door when two men approached and pulled a gun. he made these sketches from memory, not police sketches. these are the guys held a gun on you? >> this one right here. >> reporter: what happened? you come out of your house and what? >> he tell me, you know, in front of my garage and point the gun. >> reporter: he says one put a gun to his head, forced him to withdraw money from his atm. another residents said two thugs waiting for him as he returned home put a gun to a
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family member's head, forced them inside their home and took money and valuables from several family members. a neighbor said this video from their surveillance video shows two people ducking into their driveway. it's not apparent that they are involved in any criminal activity. >> they are really targeting like asian people, the neighborhood is just getting really bad around here. >> one woman here told us she no longer parks in her garage. but she leaves other car out all night so she can look around her neighborhood in the morning before leaving the thousands go to work. an anonymous email says police told neighbors there have been 20 home invasion robberies in the neighborhood. some people are forming watch groups to keep an eye out for trouble. >> some of us try keep our eye around the neighborhood like if you have strange vehicles coming around. >> reporter: still another email to cbs 5 says, our neighborhoods are terrified. people are afraid to come home or invite friends over after dark or even go out and leave
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kids with a babysitter. >> i'm calling my girlfriend to make sure she's home in the house safe and all the doors are locked and, you know, even an open window now, you know? i mean, you got to make sure how can you live like this? >> reporter: oakland police tell us that the robberies in this particular neighborhood may stand out because there are now so many robberies in this part of oakland, in this section, section 2, which is one of three sections in oakland. they say there have been eight robberies in the last 24 hours. in oakland police are looking for a gunman who killed someone outside a church in broad day late today at 11:45 on 85th avenue. the shooter escaped in a white car with a female driver. investigators haven't identified the victim but they are confident this was not a random shooting. it's not often you see a crime scene tape go up at a police station but in a happened in vacaville this
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morning. officers say that a man suspected in a double homicide this morning showed up at the police station with a gun. threw it through a window and broke another window. police tased him and arrested him. officers say the man probably had a reason for showing up at the police station. >> he was going to do a homicide. >> police believe he shot two men at 2 a.m. a woman is expected to survive. fremont police are asking for help trying to find the hit- and-run driver who killed afternoon elderly man this month. len ramirez on the emotional plea from that man's family. len. >> reporter: we are at the scene of where this happened, allen and this is a very fast section of fremont boulevard. there are no stop lights for about a quarter mile and cars get up to speed barely slowing
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down for pedestrians so it's easy to see how an 38-year-old man could get into trouble on this road. that's exactly what happened. now as you mentioned, the police need help in solving this hit-and-run crime. reporter: >> he wanted to stay healthy. >> reporter: he struggled with his emotions's described his father 83-year-old of fremont an elderly but spry pedestrian who was struck and killed in an unsolved hit-and-run. >> my dad loved walking every morning. [ crying ] >> that was his way to stay healthy for his kids and, of course, he loved his grandchildren. he would walk five to six miles every, single day. >> reporter: but on november 5, this crosswalk on fremont boulevard at norris road is where the man took his final steps at 6:20 when a southbound car ran him over at least 35 miles per hour catapulting his body 49 feet away. >> upon arrival, officers found
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him laying in the road with no vehicle at the scene. we had a witness that saw the vehicle or the suspect vehicle pull to the right initially and then leave the scene. >> reporter: he was taken to a hospital where his family had to make the decision to remove him from life support due to massive head injuries. pieces of his belongings were scattered or not pavement as well as the suspect's front grill believed to be from a 1995 toyota avalon which seems to have vanished. >> at this point, we have exhaust the all of our investigative leads for the most part. we are asking the public to come forward with any information. >> reporter: he was a native of iraq. he was forced to flee the one try in 1979 when the shah fell. his family says his sudden death and the unsolved nature of the crime has been hard. their only hope now is for peace of mind. >> i know everybody has to leave sooner or later this world, but he didn't have to go this way. [ crying ]
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>> and i'm begging you, if you are out there, if you know this person, you're as guilty if you hold back. you need do the right thing and come forward because you will have either to deal with what you did in this world or the next world but either way you're going to deal with it and i'm just begging, you please, do the right thing. >> reporter: fremont police are convinced that somebody is out there, somebody knows something, somebody saw something and can come and help in this investigation. they are asking anyone with information to please calling the fremont police. in fremont, len ramirez, cbs 5. it was a scary moment for players and parents at a high school football game. and now a principal in san jose is under fire for denying an ambulance crew easier access to the injured player. as mark sayre reports, the principal, the school district and some parents are at odds over how that situation was handled. >> reporter: when 14-year-old keanu gallardo was injured during a recent football player, a fellow player says
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everyone could tell the situation was not good. >> he looked hurt. he said he couldn't feel his back. >> reporter: the coaching staff called 911. valladeres says fire department paramedics stabilized him quickly but getting an ambulance on the field to pick him up was another story. >> they took a while to get there and they took a while to get to him because they couldn't get to the field. so i mean he was just there a long time. >> reporter: what balderas and other players didn't know at the time, del mar principal liz seabury had blocked the ambulance saying no heavy equipment was allowed on the newfield. paramedics had to push a gurney 75 yards on the new field to get gallardo and take him to the ambulance. >> children take precedence. it's same am commonsense decision. >> reporter: the campbell union high school trustee matthew dean was furious when he heard about the inches didn't and places the blame in several areas. >> the principal should have made a difference decision. two the emergency responders should have overridden what was obviously to them was probably a bad decision because there
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are many of these emergency situations and no what the right protocol is. >> and three what kind of environment have we set up such that we have a principal not making a commonsense decision in the best interests of the child? >> reporter: another parent says she hopes it never happens again. >> it seemed kind of shocking the attitude about not letting the ambulance on the field. >> reporter: i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. investigators now know what caused a fire at a bay area warehouse that was storing the memorabilia of rocker neil young. they say that the fire started in a vintage car the singer converted into a hybrid vehicle. the warehouse also housed musical instruments and paintings as well as some other classic cars. neil young's reps say about 70% of what's left is salvageable. next, a famed hollywood publicist is shot to death in her car. what investigators just seized from her office. ripped out of our lives
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like this, there's no words to describe it. >> a soldier's family heartbroken. how their hero dog was put down by mistake. you need to lose weight? the high-tech tool that's helping one bay area woman reach her goal. ,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] welcome to the far reaches of the internet. when you go faster, you're free to go farther. at&t. rethink possible. get high-speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month. covers across san francisco. it follows a series of ex pg&e scrambling to replace
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125 manhole covers across san francisco. that's the first phase of t this follows a series of explosions and fires in underground vaults. now, we're told the design will prevent these new manhole covers from flying off if there is an explosion. a pedestrian was burned in an explosion a few years ago. city leaders forcing pg&e to make the changes. and emotional ceremony at the white house today. president obama awarded an army staff sergeant with the nation's highest military award, the medal of honor. in october 2007, salvatore giunta placed himself in the line of fire in afghanistan when his squad was ambushed by the taliban. giunta took a bullet to the chest when he pulled a soldier back to safe cover and rescued another comrade being carried away by insurgents, which soldier later died from his injuries. giunta asked some of his loved ones to stay home. he said he really wanted his men there. >> although this is so
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positive, i would give this back in a second. i would give anything to have my friends with me now. >> he is the first living service member to seat medal of honor for action since the vietnam war. a dog that survived explosions in afghanistan and saved the lives of u.s. soldiers was euthanized by mistake. the dog named target belonged to army sergeant terry young. the shepherd mix escaped from the family's phoenix backyard last week, was later taken to a shelter. when sergeant young came to claim the pet he learned that she was already dead. >> even while she was alive, they have been asking what does this dog mean to you? and really all i can say is everything. for her to be ripped out of our lives like this, there's no words to describe it. >> target saved sergeant young and dozens of others back in
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february when a suicide bomber walked into the soldier's compound wearing 25 pounds of explosives. target and two other dogs attacked forcing the man to detonate the explosives before reaching the soldiers. the employee by the way at that animal shelter is on administrative leave. next, an energy drink so dangerous it has put people in the hospital. the fda weighs in on four loko. well, there's been gossip for months. now the engagement is official. the special way prince william's late mother was part of the proposal. hi, welcome to the weather center right here in san francisco, where it takes each and every one of these computers to come up with your weekend forecast. i'm looking ahead to the weekend because we have some big changes. we'll pinpoint the the day to expect it as eyewitness news continues right here.
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death of a prominent hollywood publicist gunned down after attending a movie premiere. investigatedders looking into the clues for the deaths of a prominent hollywood
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publicist who was gunned down after attending ai movie premier. police say somebody shot ronny clays end in the chest several times before she crashed her mercedes into a light pole on sunset boulevard. chasen had just left for her latest film premier. she was the lead publicist on oscar winning movies such as driving miss daisy and on golden pond. investigators seized computers from her office today but so far the death is a mystery. princewilliam is engaged to kate middleton. they are both 28, met at university and dated on and off for eight years. he gave his future wife the sapphire and diamond engagement ring that his father gave to his mother the late princess diana. >> she is not around to share any of the fun and excitement so this is my way of keeping her sort of close to it all. >> well, i just hope i look
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after it. it's very beautiful. >> william proposed last month apparently while the couple was on vacation in kenya. the royal wedding will take place next year, late spring or early summer. no secret if you want to lose weight, takes time to see those results. but on the consumerwatch, julie watts introduces us to a new tool that lets you see results instantly. >> reporter: that's right. when it comes to weight loss, seeing is believing. now there is an app for that. here's the before and after. before and after. it may not seem like much but it is helping one south bay woman achieve her weight loss goals. reporter: >> my weight yo-yo's like crazy some days it's at least 10 pounds back and forward. >> reporter: tara duffy of san jose is on a mission to drop 40 pounds by spring. but the 28-year-old does admit reaching that goal won't be easy. >> it seems like as i get older it's harder to lose weight. it's been a constant battle. >> reporter: well, tara is off to a good start with a hot new
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web tool that delivers virtual weight loss results instantly. she simply uploads a photo, height, weight and subtracts what she wants to lose and here she is 40 pounds lighter. >> i'd like a copy of that on my refrigerator because that's attainage. >> reporter: it's a weight loss motivator that got rave reviews in our newsroom. >> can i just not run? [ laughter ] >> reporter: and our engineer richard who happens to be on a diet. >> looks like a paunch. >> reporter: it's a great motivational weight loss tool. >> to see what you would look like once all your hard work pays off even though you're not there yet, that gets you to the gym on those days when you really don't feel like working out. >> reporter: but she says using the app to take off too much weight could be counterproductive. >> if it's so drastic, then it's going to seem unattainable so the best thing is to take
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small increments. >> reporter: a digital media expert points out -- >> the website itself doesn't speak to things like exercise, healthy eating, maintaining the amount of sleep that you need that helps you get healthier. >> reporter: in fact, she thinks the tool just reinforces society's preoccupation with appearance. >> there is a lot of pressure particularly on women to be of this ideal weight. >> reporter: but for tara, seeing is believing and now she believes her ideal weight is possible. >> this could be you if you really wanted it to be. >> reporter: now, you can use the app on the iphone or online. the website is more an impressive picture and there are places like camera fix junior. my photographer says just use photoshop, another option. if you have a product you want tested, call us at 1-888-5- helps-u. allen? >> thank you. forget the ideal weight. the ideal weather, today was idyllic but it's changing fast. i can feel it. >> very quickly. as soon as the sun goes down
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the temperature drops off rapidly as well. this is the scene official sundown 4:47. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge where we still have some clarity out there. and by the way, east of the bay bridge today it was 73 in oakland, up from the average high of 61. ocean beach, the coast is clear, today at 70. currently 61 degrees. how about some other notable numbers? east bay pleasanton, 69. saratoga upper 60s, north mill valley 64. around the peninsula, we have 65 degrees and the abundance of clear skies. out and about this evening, temperatures still in the 60s and 70s. we will see some areas of patchy valley fog developing in the north bay. otherwise tonight overnight pretty much anywhere between 44 in santa rosa to the low 50s across the central bay and the winds are pretty flat out of the north rotating to the southwest at 5 miles per hour. so we still have one more day of some very mild conditions. high pressure is about right here.
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it's gradually sliding to the east. as it does so, it's going to start getting banged up by this area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area. timing right now puts it across the northern half of the state by friday. now, it looks like tonight we will have the clear skies, tomorrow during the day the clarity, 61 daly city to 74 in san jose so that's a couple of degrees cooler than today but still, above the average high 64 east of the bay number-wise from 67 degrees in richmond to 74 degrees outside number in brentwood. it will be 74 in livermore where today, we experienced sunshine and 77 degrees. so obviously the numbers are gradually coming down. 68 in santa rosa down from the mid-70s experienced today and down from that record high of 84 yesterday. let me give you some time to take a look at this extended forecast. friday by about this time we should have rain developing by the golden gate bridge. it will be a rainout on saturday. blustery cool conditions, snow level drops to 2500 feet by sunday and a lingering shower
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is possible on monday. a day in oakland, there you have it, lee from lake merritt, beautiful reflection. keep the picks coming to we hear the music, but don't go away, we'll be right back after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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combine alcohol is. the feds may finally put a cap on those potent energy drinks that combine alcohol and stimulants. then linked to reports people getting sick and dying. dr. kim mulvihill has with what's likely to happen. >> reporter: you may know about
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four loko the top selling alcoholic energy drink packed full of sugar, caffeine and alcohol. as early as tomorrow, the fda is expected to announce whether these drinks are legal or even safe. but the action comes too late for one family. reporter: valerie rodriguez was fun and outgoing. anyone can tell by the shoes she wore. shoes she won't be wearing again. on sunday night, the 14-year- old snuck out of the house and into a car with friends. the car crashed. valerie died. >> i wish i could have stopped it. i wish i could have woken up around that time to stop her. i don't know why god chose her. >> reporter: police say four loko was involved, a potent caffeine and alcohol mix some call a blackout in a can. it's easy to see why. one can of four loko is nearly 24 ounces with a 12% alcohol
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content equivalent to nearly five cans of beer. this person was in the car that night and survived. >> feel devastated, i don't know. >> reporter: a year ago, under pressure from 18 states including california, the fda began to review whether these drinks are safe or even legal. tomorrow, we may get an answer. under current federal law, combining alcohol with stimulants is already deemed unsafe. as part of the review the fda demanded that the manufacturers provide scientific evidence to prove otherwise. if they can't, four loko may be off the market or get reformulated. >> wow. and so one can, you're saying, is all of this? >> reporter: one can is as much sugar as a 20-ounce bottle of soda, two to four cups of coffee of caffeine and as much alcohol as five cans of beer,
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hundreds of calories. if you bought and returned something online from toys 'r us or babies 'r us, you may be part of a class action settlement. the company was accused of accepting returned items issuing you a partial refund then moving these items to store shelves only to be sold at a marked down price. customers will get a $5 in gift certificate at either chain. we'll be right back. ,, verizon's your home for samsung galaxy. like the exclusive continuum.
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it's no secret - ron dellums took a lot of flack i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. it's no secret, ron dellums took a lot of flak over the past few years but tonight, he is taking some more for his sign-off as oakland's mayor. why he is being criticized not for what he will say but how he is choosing to say it. for college bound students, times and budgets are achangin'. the math that has many students and parents considering the once unthinkable, private school. we'll have that and much more at 6:00, allen. >> we'll see you then. that's it for us at 5:00, katie couric coming up


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